Ioan Iacob – DEFIANT LOVE – A poem translated into three widely circulated languages


Ioan Iacob – An experiment: A poem translated into three widely circulated languages. I found today, invaded by autumn (it was a beautiful autumn day in Bucharest), a group of verses published in “Literary Romania” before 1974, the year in which I finished PHILOLOGY at the “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iaşi). I’m curious to see if these lyrics can resonate over time. And I look forward to comments, if any, from other meridians. Thank you to all those who will have the patience to “endure” some verses written in 1972, or 1973… P.S. The first poem posted here will obviously be in Romanian.

~ Defiant love ~

Red bouquets of leaves
enigmatic and new blood
what is required to be lived
in the arteries.
I feel autumn as a fatal love
nothing connects me to parks anymore
and paths
all roads smell a little
of loneliness
severe twilight trees
they are lost
the wandering autumn walks
unlocked on the coat
like swallows
a boat will come and cut it
in two halves
lake my life and
the beauty of these words
which I will endure
one more time
to put them together
in a poem.
Ioan Iacob.

MN: Alte scrieri ce poartă semnătura dragului nostru colaborator, domnul Prof. Dr. Ioan Iacobputeți citi AICI.

Mangalia News, 28.09.2021.

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