Damen Shipyards Galați — Ceremonia de botez a primului feribot din seria celor două, denumite “Insula Discovery” și “Insula Aurora” [FOTO]


La 19 febru­a­rie, BC Fer­ries a orga­ni­zat o cere­mo­n­ie de botez a pri­mu­lui din­tre cele două feri­bo­turi Island Cla­ss la Vic­to­ria Hope Point. În cadrul eve­ni­men­tu­lui care a avut loc în Can­a­da, nume­le vase­lor — Insu­la Disco­ve­ry și Insu­la Auro­ra — au fost dez­vă­lu­i­te pen­tru pri­ma dată. Cele două feri­bo­turi, baza­te pe pro­iec­tul 8117E3 Road Fer­ry 8117E3, con­stru­i­te anul tre­cut la Damen Shi­pyar­ds Galati, în Româ­nia, vor intra în ser­vi­ciu la jumă­ta­tea anu­lui 2020, pen­tru rute­le Powe­ll River-Texa­da și, res­pec­tiv, tra­se­ul Port McNe­i­ll-Albert Bay-Soin­tu­la.

Comu­ni­ca­tul ori­gi­nal, aici:

BC Fer­ries reve­als names of two new Damen-built ves­sels in Vic­to­ria naming cere­mony.

On 19th Febru­a­ry, BC Fer­ries held a naming cere­mony for the fir­st of its two Island Cla­ss Fer­ries at Victoria’s Point Hope Mari­ti­me. At the event, the names of the ves­sels – Island Disco­ve­ry and Island Auro­ra – were reve­a­led for the fir­st time. The two fer­ries, based on Damen’s 81-metre Road Fer­ry 8117E3 design and built at Damen Shi­pyar­ds Galati in Roma­nia, will enter ser­vi­ce mid-2020, ser­ving the Powe­ll River-Texa­da Island and Port McNe­i­ll-Albert Bay-Soin­tu­la rou­tes res­pec­ti­ve­ly.

In a press relea­se mar­king the occa­sion, BC Fer­ries sta­ted, “The names cele­bra­te the beau­ty of the jour­ney and the impor­tant con­nec­tions to the coas­tal com­mu­ni­ti­es the fer­ries will soon ser­ve.”

Spea­king at the naming cere­mony, Damen’s Chi­ef Com­mer­ci­al Offi­cer Jan-Wim Dek­ker said, “We enjoy an exce­l­lent par­t­ner­ship with BC Fer­ries – one that cements the long-stan­ding rela­tion­ship that exists betwe­en the Nether­lan­ds and Can­a­da. Wor­king clo­se­ly toge­ther, we have deve­lo­ped sta­te-of-the-art ves­sels to pro­vi­de an out­stan­ding pas­sen­ger expe­rien­ce.”

The ves­sels spon­sors were selec­ted from the BC Fer­ries fami­ly  and the local com­mu­ni­ti­es. The spon­sors of the Island Disco­ve­ry were San­dy Leduc and San­dy McCor­mi­ck, whi­le the Island Auro­ra was spon­so­red by Melis­sa Flet­cher and Shei­la O’Neill.

Damen sig­ned the con­tract for the two ves­sels in 2017, fol­lowing an exten­si­ve, multi-pha­sed inter­na­tio­nal ten­der pro­cess. The ves­sels are desig­ned to car­ry 47 vehi­cles and up to 450 pas­sen­gers and crew. The Island Cla­ss are bat­te­ry equi­pped for full elec­tric ope­ra­tion in the futu­re. In the mean­ti­me, the fer­ries are equi­pped with hybrid equi­p­ment. Damen has paid clo­se atten­tion, in the design of the ves­sels, to redu­cing both emis­sions and unde­rwa­ter radi­a­ted noi­se.

Island Disco­ve­ry and Island Auro­ra are part of BC Fer­ries fle­et renewal pro­gram­me and will repla­ce the 59-year old Nor­th Island Prin­cess and 53-year old Qua­dra Que­en II. In Novem­ber, Damen anno­un­ced that it had secu­red a repe­at order from BC Fer­ries for four addi­tio­nal Island Cla­ss Fer­ries.

Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gro­up

Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gro­up ope­ra­tes 36 shi­pbu­il­ding and repair yar­ds, employing 12,000 peo­ple worl­dwi­de. Damen has deli­ve­red more than 6,500 ves­sels in more than 100 coun­tries and deli­vers aro­und 175 ves­sels annu­a­l­ly to cus­to­mers worl­dwi­de. Based on its uni­que, stan­dar­di­sed ship-design con­cept Damen is able to gua­ran­tee con­sis­tent qua­li­ty.

Damen’s focus on stan­dar­di­sa­tion, modu­lar con­struc­tion and kee­ping ves­sels in sto­ck lea­ds to short deli­ve­ry times, low ‘total cost of owner­ship’, high resa­le valu­es and reli­a­ble per­for­man­ce. Fur­ther­mo­re, Damen ves­sels are based on tho­ro­u­gh R&D and pro­ven tech­no­lo­gy.

Damen offers a wide ran­ge of pro­ducts, inclu­ding tugs, wor­k­bo­ats, naval and patrol ves­sels, high spe­ed craft, car­go ves­sels, dre­d­gers, ves­sels for the offsho­re indus­try, fer­ries, pon­toons and supe­rya­chts.

For near­ly all ves­sel types Damen offers a broad ran­ge of ser­vi­ces, inclu­ding main­te­nan­ce, spa­re parts deli­ve­ry, trai­ning and the trans­fer of (shi­pbu­il­ding) know-how. Damen also offers a vari­e­ty of mari­ne com­po­nents, such as noz­z­les, rud­ders, win­ches, anchors, anchor chains and ste­el wor­ks.

Damen Shi­pre­pair & Con­ver­sion (DSC) has a worl­dwi­de network of eigh­te­en repair and con­ver­sion yar­ds of whi­ch twel­ve are loca­ted in Nor­th West Euro­pe. Faci­li­ti­es at the yar­ds inclu­de more than 50 floa­ting (and cove­red) dry­do­c­ks, inclu­ding the lon­gest, 420 x 80 metres, and the widest, 405 x 90 metres, as well as slo­pes, ship lifts and indo­or halls. Pro­jects ran­ge from the sma­l­lest sim­ple repairs thro­u­gh Cla­ss’ main­te­nan­ce to com­plex refits and the com­ple­te con­ver­sion of lar­ge offsho­re struc­tu­res. DSC com­ple­tes aro­und 1,300 repair and main­te­nan­ce jobs annu­a­l­ly, both at yar­ds as well as in ports and during voya­ge.

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