Mark Wiens — Insane medieval BBQ in Romania! Un BBQ medieval grozav, la Ferma Dacilor, în România [VIDEO]


Mark Wiens: Insa­ne medi­e­val BBQ in Roma­nia! Un BBQ medi­e­val gro­zav, la Fer­ma Daci­lor, în Româ­nia. Man­ga­li­ca Hariy Pig stea­ks, and who­le 110 KG pig roast. Huge thank you to Fer­ma Daci­lor for hos­ting us for an unbe­lei­va­ble Roma­nian BBQ! And thank you to Nas­sim and Cris­ti­an from

Mark Wiens: Meat Para­di­se in Roma­nia at Fer­ma Daci­lor ( — During my trip to Roma­nia, we went to a pla­ce cal­led Fer­ma Daci­lor, one of the most uni­que and spe­cial meals and food expe­rien­ces of my trip to Roma­nia.

The enti­re con­cept is strai­ght farm to table, whe­re near­ly eve­ry­thing they ser­ve, from the meat to the vege­ta­bles and sea­so­ning, are grown, pro­du­ced, and aged, on loca­tion at the farm. Medi­e­val BBQ Coo­king — Not only is the food fresh and local, but they stri­ve to cook thin­gs in the ancient way, they way their ances­to­rs coo­ked — over fire, rus­tic, iron, and huge por­tions of Roma­nian food. Along with the 110 KG pig they roas­ted who­le, one of the high­li­ghts for me was trying Man­ga­li­ca pig, a type of hai­ry pig that almost loo­ks like a she­ep. The fat is said to be qui­te heal­thy, with lit­tle to no cho­les­te­rol. The meat was fat­ty and deli­cio­us. Huge thank you to Cor­ne­lo and his enti­re fami­ly for hos­ting us and for making our time at Fer­ma Daci­lor so memo­ra­ble. One of the best Roma­nian food expe­rien­ces! (sur­sa:

Man­ga­lia News, 13.12.2019.

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