Damen Shipyards Mangalia a fost gazda ceremoniei de start debitare pentru nava comandată de DeBeers Marine Namibia, o navă de 177m lungime, de tip offshore


Damen Shi­pyar­ds Man­ga­lia: Sun­tem man­dri sa anun­tam ca mier­curi, 15.05.2019, san­ti­e­rul nos­tru, Damen Shi­pyar­ds Man­ga­lia a fost gaz­da cere­mo­n­i­ei de start debi­ta­re pen­tru nava coman­da­ta de catre DeBe­ers Mari­ne Nami­bia, o nava de 177m, de tip offsho­re, des­ti­na­ta recu­pe­ra­rii de dia­man­te. La cere­mo­n­ie au par­ti­ci­pat repre­zen­tan­tii DeBe­ers Mari­ne si DeBe­ers Mari­ne Nami­bia, Anglo-Ame­ri­can, Lloyd’s Regis­ter si Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gorin­chem. Cere­mo­n­ia a fost des­chi­sa de Dl. Chris Gro­nin­ger, direc­to­rul gene­ral al Damen Shi­pyar­ds Man­ga­lia, care s‑a adre­sat publi­cu­lui:

Dupa cum sti­ti, cere­mo­n­ia de azi mar­chea­za nu doar ince­pe­rea con­struc­ti­ei pen­tru DeBe­ers, ci si pri­mul pro­iect CRO al gru­pu­lui Damen. Din momen­tul pre­lu­a­rii san­ti­e­ru­lui de la Man­ga­lia, vara tre­cu­ta, sun­tem mem­bri ai noii uni­tati de afa­ceri a gru­pu­lui Damen, “Cru­i­se, Ropax si Offsho­re”. San­ti­e­rul Damen Shi­pyar­ds Man­ga­lia asteap­ta de mult timp acest moment si acum, in sfar­sit, a venit momen­tul sa ara­tam lumii de ce sun­tem capa­bili. Cere­mo­n­ia de astazi este un moment de man­drie, bucu­rie si emo­tie, dar si o impor­tan­ta pia­tra de hotar in isto­ria com­pa­niei noas­tre.

We are pro­ud to anno­un­ce that on Wed­ne­sday, 15.05.2019, Damen Shi­pyar­ds Man­ga­lia hos­ted the ste­el cut­ting cere­mony of a new 177m offsho­re dia­mond reco­ve­ry ves­sel orde­red by DeBe­ers Mari­ne Nami­bia. The repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of DeBe­ers Mari­ne and DeBe­ers Mari­ne Nami­bia, Anglo-Ame­ri­can, Lloy­ds Regis­ter sand Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gorin­chem join­ed the cere­mony, whi­ch was ope­ned by our Mana­ging Direc­tor, Mr. Chris Gro­nin­ger, who addres­sed the audien­ce:

As you pro­ba­bly know, today’s Ste­el Cut­ting Cere­mony not only mar­ks the start of the con­struc­tion for DeBe­ers, it is also the Ste­el Cut­ting Cere­mony of Damen’s fir­st CRO pro­ject. As from the day Damen took over this shi­pyard, somewhe­re last sum­mer, we are part of Damen’s new Busi­ne­ss Unit “Cru­i­se, Ropax & Offsho­re”. As a shi­pyard, we have been wai­ting long for this moment and now, fina­l­ly, the time has come to show the world what we are capa­ble of. Today’s Ste­el Cut­ting Cere­mony is not only a moment of pri­de, joy and emo­tion, but also an impor­tant miles­to­ne in the his­to­ry of our com­pany.


Damen and De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia for­ma­li­se new rela­tion­ship, with Man­ga­lia yard cen­tre sta­ge

On 15 May 2019, Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gro­up and De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia (Pty) Ltd par­ti­ci­pa­ted in a spe­cial ste­el cut­ting cere­mony to mark the begin­ning of con­struc­tion on a new offsho­re ves­sel. In Febru­a­ry 2019, De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia awar­ded a con­tract to Damen to build a new cra­w­ler dia­mond reco­ve­ry ves­sel for offsho­re ope­ra­tions in Nami­bia.

At 177 metres (577 feet) long, the new ves­sel will be sli­gh­tly lar­ger than the cur­rent lar­gest ves­sel in the De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia fle­et, Mafu­ta (174 metres, 571 feet). Con­struc­ted from a Marin Tek­ni­kk design, the MT 6027 will be the most tech­no­lo­gi­ca­l­ly advan­ced mari­ne dia­mond reco­ve­ry ves­sel in the world. On-board fea­tu­res inclu­de a dyna­mic posi­ti­o­ning sys­tem (DP2) based on a seven-thrus­ter pro­pul­sion sys­tem powe­red by six gene­ra­tors of 3230 eKW each.

This is the fir­st time Damen has inte­rac­ted with De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia as cli­ents, and the new opport­u­ni­ty is one of seve­ral gene­ra­ted by Damen’s shi­pyard in Man­ga­lia, Roma­nia. The Man­ga­lia yard has the lar­gest capa­ci­ty of all Damen’s yar­ds, with a total of three gra­ven dry­do­c­ks up to 60 metres in wid­th and 1.6 km total ber­thing spa­ce. The lar­ger capa­ci­ty has allowed Damen to take on lar­ger con­struc­tion pro­jects, such as a RoRo fer­ry mea­su­ring 148 metres in len­gth, a 155 metre long Cru­i­se ves­sel, and this new 177 metre offsho­re mining ves­sel for De Beers.

Damen sales direc­tor offsho­re, Ruud van der Stro­om, is thri­l­led at the opport­u­ni­ty for Damen to apply its exper­ti­se at this gre­a­ter sca­le. “So far, Damen’s new­bu­ild focus has main­ly been on stan­dar­di­sa­tion and in-hou­se or own design ves­sels, along with vari­o­us types of support and ser­vi­ce ves­sels built for the offsho­re mar­ket,” he said. “Howe­ver, the faci­li­ti­es in Man­ga­lia allow us to res­pond posi­ti­ve­ly to De Beers Mari­ne Namibia’s new­bu­ild enqu­i­ry: an engi­ne­e­red-to-order pro­ject with ves­sel dimen­sions beyond that built by Damen ever befo­re.”

After an inten­si­ve and very con­struc­ti­ve ten­der pro­cess, Damen was able to secu­re the con­tract with De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia in ear­ly 2019 and has sin­ce been wor­king on design com­ple­tion and on pre­pa­ra­tion of the Man­ga­lia yard for the vessel’s con­struc­tion. In terms of pro­gress, Mr van der Stro­om adds, “This week we rea­ched a fir­st miles­to­ne: ste­el cut­ting. We are loo­king forward to the con­struc­tion of this ves­sel, a cha­l­len­ging pro­ject I’m con­vin­ced Damen, with its exten­si­ve exper­ti­se and know­le­d­gea­ble per­son­nel, will suc­cessful­ly deli­ver on time.”

De Beers Mari­ne Nami­bia ope­ra­tes the lar­gest offsho­re mine in the world, wor­king at a water dep­th of betwe­en 90 and 150 metres off the sou­th west coast of Nami­bia. The com­pany owns five mining ves­sels and a dedi­ca­ted sam­pling ves­sel, and addi­tio­na­l­ly char­ters one sampling/mining ves­sel. Micha­el Cur­tis, head of the Addi­tion Mining Ves­sel 3 Pro­ject for De Beers Mari­ne, sees the new ves­sel order as a har­bin­ger for poten­ti­al futu­re col­la­bo­ra­tion. “We were alrea­dy well awa­re of Damen’s repu­ta­tion as a reli­a­ble, effi­cient shi­pbu­il­der,” says Mr Cur­tis, “and we are plea­sed to con­tract Damen to build this ves­sel for us after suc­cessful­ly win­ning a Glo­bal Ten­der for the con­struc­tion of the ves­sel. De Beers Mari­ne (Sou­th Afri­ca) will con­struct the mis­sion equi­p­ment, com­pri­sing a sub­sea cra­w­ler and dia­mond reco­ve­ry plant, in Sou­th Afri­ca in para­l­lel to the ves­sel con­struc­tion. Once the ves­sel is deli­ve­red by Damen, it will be sai­led to Sou­th Afri­ca whe­re the mis­sion equi­p­ment will be inte­gra­ted into the ves­sel by De Beers Mari­ne. Given the para­l­lel path and com­ple­xi­ty of the pro­ject, it is cri­ti­cal to work with the best shi­pbu­il­ders who have a repu­ta­tion for per­for­man­ce and on-time deli­ve­ry.”

The ste­el cut­ting cere­mony mar­ks the begin­ning of con­struc­tion on the ves­sel, whi­ch will take aro­und two years to build. Damen Shi­pyar­ds Man­ga­lia will deli­ver the ves­sel plat­form in Man­ga­lia and the ves­sel will sail on its own keel to Cape Town, Sou­th Afri­ca. After the inte­gra­tion of the mis­sion equi­p­ment in Cape Town, the ves­sel is expec­ted to deli­ver fir­st dia­mond pro­duc­tion in Q2 2022.

Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gro­up

Damen Shi­pyar­ds Gro­up ope­ra­tes 36 shi­pbu­il­ding and repair yar­ds, employing 12,000 peo­ple worl­dwi­de. Damen has deli­ve­red more than 6,500 ves­sels in more than 100 coun­tries and deli­vers aro­und 175 ves­sels annu­a­l­ly to cus­to­mers worl­dwi­de. Based on its uni­que, stan­dar­di­sed ship-design con­cept Damen is able to gua­ran­tee con­sis­tent qua­li­ty.

Damen’s focus on stan­dar­di­sa­tion, modu­lar con­struc­tion and kee­ping ves­sels in sto­ck lea­ds to short deli­ve­ry times, low ‘total cost of owner­ship’, high resa­le valu­es and reli­a­ble per­for­man­ce. Fur­ther­mo­re, Damen ves­sels are based on tho­ro­u­gh R&D and pro­ven tech­no­lo­gy.

Damen offers a wide ran­ge of pro­ducts, inclu­ding tugs, wor­k­bo­ats, naval and patrol ves­sels, high spe­ed craft, car­go ves­sels, dre­d­gers, ves­sels for the offsho­re indus­try, fer­ries, pon­toons and supe­rya­chts.

For near­ly all ves­sel types Damen offers a broad ran­ge of ser­vi­ces, inclu­ding main­te­nan­ce, spa­re parts deli­ve­ry, trai­ning and the trans­fer of (shi­pbu­il­ding) know-how. Damen also offers a vari­e­ty of mari­ne com­po­nents, such as noz­z­les, rud­ders, win­ches, anchors, anchor chains and ste­el wor­ks.

Damen Shi­pre­pair & Con­ver­sion (DSC) has a worl­dwi­de network of eigh­te­en repair and con­ver­sion yar­ds of whi­ch twel­ve are loca­ted in Nor­th West Euro­pe. Faci­li­ti­es at the yar­ds inclu­de more than 50 floa­ting (and cove­red) dry­do­c­ks, inclu­ding the lon­gest, 420 x 80 metres, and the widest, 405 x 90 metres, as well as slo­pes, ship lifts and indo­or halls. Pro­jects ran­ge from the sma­l­lest sim­ple repairs thro­u­gh Cla­ss’ main­te­nan­ce to com­plex refits and the com­ple­te con­ver­sion of lar­ge offsho­re struc­tu­res. DSC com­ple­tes aro­und 1,300 repair and main­te­nan­ce jobs annu­a­l­ly, both at yar­ds as well as in ports and during voya­ge.

Man­ga­lia News, Vineri, 17 mai 2019.

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